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Work visa to Russia If you plan to work in Russia, you need a work visa. It gives you the opportunity to be hired by any company in any position — there are no restrictions but firstly you need to get an invitation from your employer. The work visa duration can amount from 1 to 3 years and you can come to Russia multiple times. Other types of visa Study visa is issued if you plan to get an education in Russia. Transit visa is issued in the cases you go to another country through Russia.

Usually such visa is issued for up to 10 days. Humanitarian visa is issued in the cases of charity, pilgrimage to holy places, cultural, school or student exchange, participation in sports events, etc. What documents do you need for a visa? Therefore, you have defined the type of your visa.

Now you need to collect all required documents. Step 1. Get a visa invitation to your visa The invitation is an official document issued in the special form that contains your personal data, information about the срочно нужны деньги липецк party, the purpose of your trip and duration of stay.

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Одним из более фаворитных выходов из таковой ситуации является оформление кредитной карты.

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Paste it carefully into the special frame in your printed application. Additional information.
Срочно нужны деньги липецк

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Education and work experience. Write your name and surname in the same way as in your foreign passport. Transit visa is issued in the cases you go to another country through Russia. That should be the pictures of a good quality: clear, no pixels, not blurred.
Срочно нужны деньги липецк